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If you want to achieve personal and business success as quickly as possible and maximise your skills, talents, gifts and qualities while remaining authentic, get coached by some one who has actually done it themselves.

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What WE Offer

Everything we do is focussed towards business success through maximising income creation.We want to disrupt conventional thinking about income generation - without doing anything illegal! We teach people how to use what they know and what they love to create new income in their business.

Never before in history has there been a better time for you to take personal charge of your individual ability to create income; while almost everyone wants to do this, not everyone knows how. This is why we do what we do.


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Most people want to discover how to live their best life and how to best use their talents and abilities. Many people dream of discovering the secret to being their own boss, starting their own business. Discovery involves: innovating and creating, trial and error, testing and modifying, making mistakes and making break throughs. At Healthy Numbers we assist our clients to discover creative destruction; "move fast and break things".


We know that people achieve more when they have the support they need. Support comes in many forms. As an entrepreneur with your own business, support comes from systems and processes, support comes from the diligence of productivity, support comes from belief in your self and belief in your entrepreneurial ideas. Support comes from training and coaching. At Healthy Numbers we support entrepreneurs with training and coaching, with systems and processes, with belief in your entrepreneurial endeavour.


Using the latest and emerging technologies we bring our programs to every "corner" of this round world! Every day business is changing in ways we would never have imagined. Every day we all need to be looking at what we offer and what our customers and clients need and want. At Healthy Numbers we stay ahead of the others and we help our clients to do the same.


We know about creating new income. In 20 years of training, coaching and facilitating across a wide variety of businesses, I have not yet met a client where we were not able to find new ways to create income in their business. You are the expert at what you do. At Healthy Numbers we apply our experience and knowledge to help your business grow.